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asknet |Nexway associates with Dataiku and reinforces the efficiency of subscription thanks to data

asknet |Nexway, the main solutions provider to monetize enterprises and connect them to the digital global market, announces its partnership with Dataiku, a worldwide editor of an Analytics and Enterprise AI platform which exploits its customers data to optimize sells, followers retention and payment process efficiency.

Data for an efficient subscription business models

In order to boost the retention rate of its customers’ subscription programs, asknet | Nexway first implemented Machine Learning in their “Subscription” module of their offer MONETIZE to optimize renewals. By modelling attrition scores from the customer base, asknet | Nexway identifies its users ready to renew their subscription. After six months, asknet | Newxay increases by 13% its customer retention rates.

In other ways, to develop data exploitation, asknet | Nexway reinforce the rise of non-data profiles, in particular its Customers Success Managers. Thanks to the intensive use of Dataiku, clients can have a consolidated vision of their marketing campaigns (emails, display, trigger-based, promotions), allowing them to efficiently support their clients.

That double approach brings a real added value to asknet | Nexway clients which will be able to maximize their recurrent income and their customer lifetime value from their own customers’ base. With that strategy, asknet | Nexway supports efficiently its customers in their transition to subscription-based business models, which are hard to control levers.

“Using data enables us to offer solutions to our clients making the understanding, decision process and business/subscribers control easier. We chose to implement the expertise of Dataiku to optimize the systematic use of data and, in the long term, bring significant additional value to our customers” says Yann Girard, Data Intelligence Responsible at asknet | Nexway group.

“We are glad to support that e-commerce pioneer who has very rich transactional data-clients. We look forward to helping them proceeding this step forward even more maturity in data use democratization” adds Grégory Herbert, VP Continental Europe, Daitaiku.

Data democratized to all Nexway layers

This initiative goes along with a massive data use in all asknet | Nexway-operations. The company already implemented Dataiku technology in other parts of its offer : personal selling experience, up-selling and cross-selling path with products advices, dynamic dashboards, ROI of marketing campaigns, etc. Operational process wins efficiency easily with exploitation of data : interacting with customers’ platform, payment efficiency, fraud prevention, etc.

The technological alliance of two companies

On a global innovation scale, asknet |Nexway made the choice to associate with Dataiku for its major advance in technology and its global outreach. Dataiku solution was integrated quickly to MONETIZE, each one being based on API standards and modular. Dataiku position about data use democratization fits perfectly to asknet | Nexway vision: unfold machine learning on its entire offer and process of service and back-office, and train teams to use this technology.